My Life List

In eight short weeks a major chapter of my life will be over. I will have completed my Masters degree. I have spent the last 5 years studying at university and while I have loved it, I am ready for the next chapter of my life to begin. 
So currently I am facing the scary question 'what will I do with my life?' It is a horrible question, for me anyway. All I really know I want for my life is to be able to travel, see the world.

Recently I came across the LifeListed blog, probably when I tried googling 'what to do with my life', to see if google had the answer. In a way I did find an answer. This blog has inspired me to right down all the things I want to do with my life, a kind of 'bucket list', with the proviso that this will be a promise to myself to do them and hopefully provide some direction as to what to do next with my life.

So here is my Life List, it is pretty big. I want to be able to cross at least 10 things off every year.  

The items with strikes through them, are things I have already completed.


o Learn another language
o Live in another country
o Become a published author
o Start a company
o Run a marathon
o Have my own library
o Travel the world (see every place on my list)
o Climb to base camp on Mt Everest
o Adopt a child

o Visit every continent
     o Africa
     o Antartica
     o Asia
     o Australia
     o Europe
     o North America
     o South America
o Visit every state in Australia
     o Victoria
     o New South Wales
     o Canberra
     o Queensland
     o Northern Territory
     o Western Australia
     o South Australia
     o Tasmania

o Visit every country listed below
     o Namibia        o China         o Hong Kong     o France
     o Botswana       o Japan         o Bhutan        o Germany
     o South Africa   o Indonesia     o India         o Belgium
     o Madagascar     o Vietnam       o Greenland     o Monaco
     o Mauritius      o Malaysia      o Iceland       o Jordan
     o Tanzania       o Singapore     o Ireland       o Italy
     o Rwanda         o Borneo        o England       o Norway
     o Uganda         o Thailand      o Scotland      o Sweden
     o Kenya          o Brunei        o Wales         o Austria
     o Morocco        o Laos          o Portugal      o Croatia
     o Egypt          o Nepal         o Spain         o Greece
     o Montenegro     o Netherlands   o UAE           o Finland
     o Russia         o Turkey        o Georgia       o Iran
     o Saudi Arabi    o USA           o Cook Islands  o Fiji
     o Australia      o New Zealand   o Brazil        o Ecuador
     o Peru           o Chile         o Argentina     o Mexico
     o Belize         o Costa Rica    o Jamaica       o Bahamas
     o Canada         o Mali          o Bora Bora

o Attend these major events
     o Go to the World Cup
     o Go to the Olympics
     o Go to the Tour De France
     o Go to Carnival (Brazil)
     o Go to Mardi Gras (USA, New Orleans)
     o Go to St. Patricks Day in Ireland
     o Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

o See the Northern Lights           o Visit the Dead Sea
o See the Serenghiti Migration      o Visit Tubbataha Reef
o Snorkel the reefs of Belize       o Visit Ha Long Bay
o Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef    o See Mount Fuji
o See Uluru                         o See Mount Olympus
o Visit the Grand Canyon            o Visit the Blue Grotto
o Visit Blyde River Canyon          o See the Matterhorn
o See Niagara Falls                 o See Mont Blanc
o See Victoria Falls                o See Mount Etna
o See wild Beluga Whales            o Visit Yellowstone NP
o See Mount Kilimanjaro             o Visit the Great Blue Hole
o Visit the Sahara Desert           o Visit Yosemite NP
o Visit Ganga Talao                 o Visit Chamarel Waterfall
o Visit Ngorongoro Crater           o Visit the Everglades NP
o Visit the Nile River              o Visit the Bungle Bungles
Visit the Okavango Delta          o Visit the Ross Ice Shelf
Visit the White CLiffs of Dover   o Visit the Pinnacles Desert
o Visit the Daintree Rainforest     o Visit Fraser Island
o Visit Franz Josef Glacier         o Visit Fox Glacier
o Visit Kakadu NP                   o Visit Milford Sound
o Visit the Amazon Rainforest       o Visit Iguassu Falls
o Visit Angel Falls                 o Visit the Galapagos Islands
o See wild Black Rhino              o See Wild Dogs in Africa
o See wild Orangutan                o Visit Kruger NP
o See the blossom trees in Japan    o Visit the Masai Mara  
o Visit the Amalfi Coast            o Visit Banff NP
o Visit Santorini                   o Chamarel Coloured Earth
o Visit the Black River Gorge NP          

o See the Great Wall of China       o See Christ Redeemer
o See the Pyramids of Giza          o Visit Machu Picchu
o Climb the Eiffel Tower            o Walk on the Inca Trail
o See the Colosseum                 o Visit Petra
o See Stonehenge                    o Visit the Taj Mahal
o See Hadrian's Wall                o Visit Sydney Opera House
o Visit Angkor                      o Visit Hagia Sophia
o Visit the Acropolis of Athens     o Visit Vatican City                         
o Visit every Disneyland            o Visit Kiyomizu Temple
     o California                   o Visit the Kremlin
     o Florida                      o Visit the Red Square
     o Tokyo                        o Vist Neuschwastein Castle
     o Paris                        o Visit the Statue of Liberty
     o Hong Kong                    o Visit Timbuktu
o Visit Empire State Building       o Singapore Zoo
o San Diego Zoo                     o Stay at the Las Vegas Strip
o Visit Hoover Dam                  o Visit the Forbidden City
o See Asian Rice Terraces           o See the Terracotta Warriors
o Visit St Peters Basilica          o Visit the Sistine Chapel
o See Burj Khalifa                  o Visit the Louvre Museum
o See the Canels of Venice          o Visit Versailles
o Visit Mecca                       o Visit Pompeii
o Visit the British Museum          o Visit Marrakech
o See the leaning tower of Pisa     o Visit Les Catacombs

o Learn another language
o Obtain a Masters degree
o Obtain a PhD
o Get a motorcycle license
o Get a gun license
o Get a boat license
o Learn to play poker
o Learn to sail
o Learn to fly a helicopter
o Learn to pick a lock
o Learn Yoga
o Learn a marital art

o Ride in a hot air ballon
o Go Zorbing
o Travel overseas alone
o Ride in a helicopter
o Sky dive
o Relax on a tropical island
o Race cars on a race track
o Go on safari

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