Monday, April 29, 2013

Pride & Prejudice

How is it that I made it to 24 without reading Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice? I really don't know.

Pride and Prejudice rates in at number 2 on the BBCs Top 100 Books and is the most recent book I have read from this list.

This year Pride and Prejudice turned 200. The story gives a lovely snapshot into life at the time. While many things have changed so many have stayed the same. Such as the 'keeping up with the Jones' mentality' displayed in the behaviour of of Mrs Bennet towards the Lucases and the woman bitching so often displayed by Miss Bingley. 

The reasons I love Pride and Prejudice are many, including; the language. I am so glad I read it on my Kindle, I had to look up so many words in the dictionary which is so very easy on the Kindle. The characters, they are all so different and offer so much to the story, there was moments that I loved and hated them all. Mr Darcy, how could you not fall even a little bit in love with Mr Darcy? For me I love him because he is so shy, but because of his status in society this comes across as rude and proud. I myself am rather shy and often people assume I am being a bitch when in fact I am just shy. Elizabeth Bennet, a wonderful mix of head strong, opinionated, independent with a dash of that little girl who is in all of us that just wants to fall in love and be swept off her feet but will not settle for anyone less than her version of perfect. 

I won't summarise the plot as you have no doubt already read the book or seen a film adaptation. If you haven't then put it on your to do list now!

Pride and Prejudice is the kind of book you want to read curled up in your pj's with a cup of tea while it's raining outside.


If you wish to add a copy of Pride and Prejudice to your library, I highly recommend this beautiful hardcover edition from the Penguin Drop Caps Series. 
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