Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playing with Beluga Whales at SeaWorld

Rather than have a party for my 21st birthday I decided I wanted to travel instead. I am not the kind of person who likes to be the centre of attention so I am not a fan of my birthday but I do love to travel, so a trip to the United States of America seemed like a great idea. One of the highlights of the trip was playing with Beluga Whales at SeaWorld in San Diego. This was a gift from my boyfriend at the time, a note to all boyfriends out there; this kind of present is always a winner!

If you are planning a trip to San Diego, put playing with the Beluga Whales on your list of things to do. It is not the cheapest experience but I can honestly say it is worth every cent if just for the brilliant story I can now tell everyone about that time I was kissed by a whale.

The experience starts of with a behind the scenes tour of the entire Wild Arctic exhibition. During this I got to hand feed a Walrus, get up close to a Polar Bear (scariest animals I have encounters so far), meet seals and the cutest little Arctic Fox. Then its time to suit up in the ~ever so flattering~ SeaWorld wetsuit and booties. Once suited up you will make your way to the Beluga enclosure where you enter the less than 10OC water with the trainers. The trainers will share with you some of the training techniques they use and allow you to hand feed the whales. During this you will also have your photograph taken with the Beluga’s a by a professional photographer. This involves being kissed by a Beluga and doing some of the training exercises described by the trainers.

I was really lucky during my experience, because a couple of people actually freaked out and didn’t want to get in the water, or didn’t want to tough the Beluga’s so I got to spend heaps of time with them. There is nothing to freak out about. You don’t even notice how cold the water is once you met one of the beautiful creatures. The Beluga Whales are very shy and gentle creatures naturally and the SeaWorld ones are no exception despite having being breed in captivity.

 Image Credits: The Wanderlust Life

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