Monday, April 22, 2013

Carry-On Essentials

Here is my carry-on essentials for long flights. 

Carry-on Essentials Checklist:

1. A positive attitude. Yes there will be a baby/ toddler somewhere on board your flight and yes it will cry at some stage, it can't help it. Get over it, don't make a big deal about it, the only person who suffers when you make a deal about it is you. Just remember how lucky you are to be traveling, even if it is for business. 

2. Your Travel Documents. Make sure these are stored in a secure compartment that you can access easily. Keep photocopies of these documents in your checked baggage and with a relative at home. These documents include:
  • -   Passport
  • -   Boarding pass
  • -   Photo ID
  • -   Flight receipts
  • -   Travel Insurance
  • -   Visa requirements
  • -   Important phone numbers (do not rely on your mobile, write these down the old fashion way to)
  • -   Medical Certificates

2. Aspirin. Consider taking a baby aspirin to avoid blood clots, but check this with your doctor before doing so.

3. Socks & Underwear. Always pack a change of socks and underwear or two if you will be stopping over anywhere. This also comes in handy if the airline loses your luggage. If you will be checking your baggage through to your destination and your flight involves multiple legs it is also a good idea to take an entire change of clothes just in case your luggage is lost.

4. Moisturiser. Try to find one with hyaluronic acid such as OlayRegenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture extremely well, up to 1000 times its weigh in water, making it fantastic at keeping your skin hydrated. 
5. Water. Staying hydrated will make you feel so much better when you get to your destination. Keep a water bottle handy. Usually you will have to buy this once you have passed through customs at the airport for security purposes.

6. Chewy Candies. Chewing these during take off and landing can make all the difference. They will help your ears pop and deal with the rapid change in cabin pressure. Ginger ones can also help with motion sickness.

7. Eye Drops. Use hydrating eye drops throughout the flight so your eyes don’t dry out and so you don’t arrive at your destination with bloodshot eyes.

8. Saline Nose Spray. The thing I dislike the most about ling flights is when your nose becomes dried out and sore. When this happens to me I often suffer from blood noses, which is really bad when the stranger sitting next to you has a blood phobia. Yes this has happened to me. Using a saline nose spray will prevent your sinuses from drying out.

9. Lip Balm. Along with your skin, eyes and nose you must keep your lips hydrated. Cracked lips are the worse. Invest in a good moisturising lip balm.
10. Toothbrush & Toothpaste. Most airlines provide this now days but I find using them a bit gross. I do recommend you keep one though to clean you shoes with so that they are not taken off you at quarantine. Its amazing how much better you feel with clean teeth.

11. Wet Wipes. I am clumsy, particular when trying to eat my in flight meal in a cramped space during turbulence. Its good to have some wipes for when you spill and cannot get to the bathroom because the way it blocked by the food cart. Try to get antibacterial wipes.

12. Ear Plugs or Noise Cancelling Headphones. Invest in which ever you can afford. The really do make a difference. If can’t afford noise cancelling headphones and don’t like the feel of ear plugs then a trick I use is to listen to a movie on low volume. This helps to even out the noise on the plane and I find it much easier to go to sleep. Even better download the Sleepmaker All in One app and listen to white noise, rain etc.


13. Eye Mask. These are often provided on board; only use them though if they come wrapped in plastic. The same goes for the blanket. Eye masks make the world of difference even if it is just to give the passenger sitting next to you a message that you are sleeping and really don’t want to be disturbed.

14. Neck Pillow. With one of these I can even get to sleep without reclining my chair.
15. Kindle. Yes you can also take a book, but once you have travelled with a Kindle you will never go back. So much smaller and lighter than a book and you can take hundreds of books with you so you have something no matter what mode you are in. I use the Kindle Touch WiFi. 

16. Warm Comfortable Long Cardigan or Scarf. Always dress in layers and try to wear one piece that you can really wrap your self up in. I prefer to wear a scarf and long cardigan that can double as a blanket.

17. Face Spritz. Again this will help keep your skin refreshed and hydrated. Spritz your skin regularly before applying your moisturiser. Try to do this in the bathroom and not in your seat. It is terrible etiquette to spray someone else, especially if they are trying to sleep.

18. Snacks. Avoid anything with lots of salt or saturated fats, they will only make you feel worse during the flight.

19. Face washer. Use this to tidy yourself up a bit before you arrive.

20. Hairbrush. Again use this before landing to tidy yourself up.

21. Medication. Remember to enough of any medication you normally take daily or think you might need during the flight. This can include anything from the pill, antihistamines and pain-killers.

22. All your valuable items. This includes jewelry, wallet, cameras and laptops.

I have provided links of where you can purchase most items from this list online. Most of the links are to Australian sites, but a quick Google search will help you find the similar products in your country if the links I have provided do not ship internationally. 

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